Dermaviduals Skincare Facials

We are proud stockists of Dermaviduals Skincare. This truly bespoke range from Germany offers totally customisable products, to ensure your skincare is specific to your skin's needs & concerns.
Skin analysis & personalised skincare prescription. Fee redeemable on product purchases.
Instil a sense of calm & relax while your skin is sent to a retreat. For those who wish to take care of their skin but relax at the same time.
45 mins $85
Enter a state of peacefulness & rest. Enjoy a hydrating & antioxidant tonic for your skin as well as a heavenly massage.
60 mins $105
Custom Made
Let’s get down to business your skin needs a little help. We analysis, talk, treat & prescribe for long term skin health plan using our treatment & results focused products.
60 mins $135
Beautifully Bespoke
Dermaviduals products can be built and refined to suit your changing skin. We mix a serum & mask specific to your skins needs on the day. Experience a truly bespoke facial like no other with our in house specialty facial massage.
70 mins $155
Beauty Sleep
A facial for your eyes this treatment utilises quartz crystals to gently massage and boost circulation around the eye area.
45 mins $90
Enzyme Exfoliation
A stimulating facial utilizing pineapple and papaya enzymes to remove surface debris and rough or dry skin. Anti-inflammatory and healing.
35min $85

Exceed - Medical Micro Needling

Helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size and improve skin texture. Excellent at reducing the appearance of acne scarring. Works to stimulate new collagen and elastin and is suitable for all skin types (with adequate preparation). Full Consultation & homecare skin preparation essential. ** Includes in-salon enzyme peel @ day 4-5 after CIT treatment.

We use the Exceed by AmeiaMed, as it is both medically certified & clinically tested, so you are assured of both safety & results.
Medical Microneedlimg Consultation
Book to discuss if Medical Microneedling will work for your skin concerns. (booking fee is redeemable upon purchasing a needling session or product)
1x Treatment Full Face
3x Treatments Full Face
$800 plus receive 1x in-salon enzyme treatment (total value $910)
Treatments must be booked & paid for as a series to receive discount. Missed appointments are non-refundable. Non-transferable
Post Skin Needling Enzyme Peel
Recommended @ day 5-7 post treatment. Utilises gentle enzymes to calm, soothe, plump & help with the healing process.
Add on 1x Epi Nouvelle+ Mask
Supports the skin regeneration process after CIT treatment. This probiotic mask is applied in clinic, then can be taken home to re-apply.

Dermal Planing

Using a specialized blading technique to remove fine villus hair from the sides of face or full face. Hair is not stimulated, therefore hair will not return stronger or darker & in some cases very little will return. (A consultation is recommended prior to treatment to assess hair growth/type & suitability for treatment).
Dermal Planing
For removal of villus (fine downy hair)
30min $90

Red Vein Removal

This treatment works by directing a low Electrolysis current onto the surface of the skin where the Red Veins are present. The effect is to cauterise the blood vessel and remove it, simply by the application of heat. Thermolysis tends to produce the best results on the nose and cheek area.
Fee redeemable on treatment