Skin Needling - minimally invasive, highly effective!

Rejuvenate skin needling

 Type of Device
 We use the Exceed by Amiea Med for our medical microneedling treatments. Our device is FDA approved as a class 2 medical device & is clinically proven to reduce the depth of scarring and to normalise the skin structure. Locally is it is listed with the TGA and Medsafe listed in New Zealand. Specifically, we choose this device due to its variable speeds and depths thus giving us the ability to provide the most precise, effective and comfortable treatment.
 What does this mean for me?
 We are able to treat multiple skin conditions such as acne/congestion, lines, wrinkles, UV damage, pigmentation, visible capillaries, enlarged pores, rosacea, scarring & stretch marks. We practice only the most up to date methods of  skin needling to ensure your safety and success!
 The importance of Education!
For the best outcomes the treatment must be preformed by a Skin Therapist with a strong understanding of not only the skins structure, but also the cells and systems
in which micro needling affects. Its not just about the why, but the how, thats most important.
 Activate your skin‘s natural regenerative processes to stimulate growth factors essential for collagen synthesis.